Alex Ovechkin Is The Hero We Need

After winning the Stanley Cup in a 4-1 series victory against the Golden Knights, Alex Ovechkin has been having a little much fun with the stanley cup. 340 επιπλέον λέξεις


2018 Stanley Cup Champions

Congratulations to the Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin on their Stanley Cup win!


Titty Girl Has Stolen Show Following The Caps Winning The Stanley Cup (WARNING NSFW)

This girl has stolen the show at the Stanley Cup Final celebration. She’s front row Tittys on glass yucking it up with the Caps fans after their 4-3 victory over the Vegas Knights to win the Stanley Cup. 338 επιπλέον λέξεις

As an attorney, there are questions that you always get asked when you meet new people, or are out with family or friends.  These questions are usually pretty basic but the answers are rarely as simple.  532 επιπλέον λέξεις

Criminal Defense

Leonard Cohen My Friend (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson

Leonard Cohen My Friend (V2)

Death is a bitch and a whore
comes with hat on or off,
Jewish, Christian or lover years ago called Nancy. 56 επιπλέον λέξεις