Two days ago, I said goodbye to you for the last time. I told myself it was time for you to take care of someone else now. 380 επιπλέον λέξεις


Day Old Pizza

There’s something wonderfully delectable about cold, leftover pizza. Emerging from warm covers to the sound of your stomach growling, and feeling the shock of cold air hit your chest as you stand. 239 επιπλέον λέξεις

Comfort, Growth, Cleansing.

Writing prompt for January 18th:

Write down the first words that come to your mind when say home, soil and rain. Use these words in the title of your post. 247 επιπλέον λέξεις


Bill Lazor: John Ross "gets to decide what he's going to be"

Wide receiver John Ross didn’t do anything to live up to his draft status as a rookie, and the Bengals aren’t giving the ninth overall pick a pass because of injuries. 190 επιπλέον λέξεις

Rumor Mill

$2M grant to improve Coopersville water system

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Coopersville is getting $2.1 million from the federal government to upgrade its water infrastructure.

According to a Thursday release, the city will increase the capacity and reliability of its water system so it’s in a better position to handle developing dairy processing and manufacturing industries. 44 επιπλέον λέξεις


New Year, New Learning

Hello Third Grade Community,

We’re moving right along in our third grade year. Here is an update on what we’ve been doing and what’s to come. 358 επιπλέον λέξεις


13-Year-Old Boy Killed After His Dad Tried To Avoid Hitting A Child Crossing The Road (Photos).

The family of Chief Chijioke Uwah, has been mourning since December 15th 2017 following a serious road accident that killed 13-year-old Chijioke jr, son of Esther Uwah one of his Chijioke’s wives 144 επιπλέον λέξεις