Block Change

NPR has announced Melissa Block is leaving as one of the three hosts of All Things Considered to take on a new role as a special correspondent. 87 more words


In the Car Again; or, This is Your Brain on Sleep Deprivation

1. I’m getting between 5 & 7 hours of sleep a night. I’m cool with that for short stints, but uncool with it forever. That six hour average actually happened without any waking, two nights ago, and got me all excited, and then last night the baby was a jerk and this horrible FOREVER LONG thunderstorm was also a jerk and I don’t even know how much I slept—and don’t want to. 289 more words


Do You Know About The Act of 1871 Teach this in your School

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)

Modern History

lasting memoir

Only memory about you.
the rose I tried to present you.
An humble submission,
to devote, bestow myself fully.
Love unnoticed, declined, deserted.



ICYMI – The Connecticut State Police will be looking for a new spokesman.

After three months of 24/7 news media relations Sgt. Shane Hassett has decided the job, once held by Paul Vance, isn’t for him. 26 more words


Szegfu v Court of Pecs Hungary [2015] EWHC 1764 (Admin)

On 24 June 2015, the Divisional Court dismissed an appeal against the extradition of the Hungarian national, Norbert Szegfu. In its judgment, the Court considered the reach of section 26(5) of Extradition Act 2003 (EA 2003), and the Court’s new power to relax the seven-day notice period for extradition appeals, for the first time. 489 more words