Self initiated client brief

I have decided to work with a charity that is based in Hull that I personally do not think gets enough media coverage. Herib raises awareness for people with sight loss and with a close family member being severely visually impaired, I thought it’d be a great charity to work for. 215 more words


The myth of the 1% and the 99%

Michael Kazin, co-editor of the left-wing magazine Dissent, posed a simple question in a recent article: If wealth and income inequality levels are as bad as they are portrayed in popular media, « 704 more words


AIMS: International Paper

International Paper visited UA on February 24th to discuss their business culture and work environment. It was one of the more unique companies to have for an AIMS meeting. 103 more words


Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond

Workshop Report

Some quoted snippets that people felt were interesting:


NHGRI has been a leader in creating ontologies and standards, and should continue to lead in this area. 691 more words


I don’t know yet.




Fuck going to the beach and hanging out in L.A. I wanted to go to the the desert. To one of those small towns with a name like “Indio” or “Cima,” where cross-country criminals dump bags of cash on motel bedspreads, old episodes of Gunsmoke playing while they separate twenty dollar bills from the fifties and hundreds. 912 more words