A Blast From The Past?

As I was dozing off I had the following dream. 03/29/15.  In the dream I was trying to close a door, a very big door, that led to my past. 601 more words


Sobre os obstáculos da vida:

Aprendi que não adianta querer desviar, que lá na frente ele aparece de novo, e de novo e de novo. A intenção, no entanto, não é atrapalhar, é fazer a gente crescer… Hoje eu sei que se não tivesse esbarrado e me machucado lá atrás  não conseguiria enxergar com clareza as coisas boas que Deus apresenta. 115 more words

Bruna Bernardi

My Secret Mall Mission

I decided to go to the mall today. I hate malls. I hate them. But I thought that the least I could do was go inside and see what it was like, if it was similar to other malls I’ve been to, nicer, cleaner, maybe more fancy or maybe abandoned. 355 more words


Oppy 2015 - WA - Ride

One of the psychological tricks to ‘a ride’ is how you gain perspective on what that amounts to. A ‘good’ ride or a ‘bad’ ride can be determined by the literal/material elements that constitute the sequence of route planning, getting ready, leaving home and returning, and everything in between. 1.489 more words


MIS 295: Mid Semester Update

Hello! At this point in the semester, we have finished project one, and we are almost done with project two. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. 366 more words


MIS 220/330: Mid Semester Update

As the end of the semester is surely approaching, I find myself reflecting to the first days of MIS 220 and 330, and just how far my understanding of both object oriented programming and database technology have come. 1.009 more words